Effective and efficient control of the corona virus

In order to be able to use the germicidal UVC light in occupied rooms HAKA built the HAKA AirClean UV as a compact device that integrates recirculating air with an inside UVC light. By using recirculating air, the ambient air can pass several times through the HAKA AirClean UV where contagious aerosols will be inactivated. As a result we’ll get an almost germfree room air (up to 99,9  % decontamination).

The HAKA AirClean UV is an effective tool to keep public indoor locations almost germfree and therefore limit airborne transmission!!

UVC disinfection:

reliable elimination of viruses, bacteria and fungi thanks to UVC light.

Automatic operation:

you don’t have to worry about anything. The compact-device works completely self-reliant.

Compact device:

facilitates the assembly – “place it and plug it in” (230 V).

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