"Getting closer to everyday life again!"

With the air disinfection from HAKA

“Coming closer to regain your normal course of life” 

thanks to disinfecting the ambient air with the help of our HAKA AirClean UV 

UVC disinfection:

reliable elimination of viruses, bacteria and fungi thanks to UVC light.

Automatic operation:

you don’t have to worry about anything. The compact-device works completely self-reliant.

Compact device:

facilitates the assembly – “place it and plug it in” (230 V).

HAKA AirClean UV

COVID-19 has changed our lives drastically. At HAKA we have been working to find an easy-to-handle and safe way to regain our quality of life. Being specialized in recirculating air systems, we implemented an UVC light in order to be able to eliminate contaminated aerosols out of the air. It can be used in occupied spaces like hospitals, waiting rooms, buses, trains, schools, restaurants, offices, gyms, and anywhere that people gather indoors!

Wearing face masks, washing hands, keeping social distancing are great ways to limit the spread of (COVID-19) viruses but are still not sufficient as (COVID-19) viruses have many ways to spread – including via aerosols. These small (COVID-19) virus-contaminated droplets hang in the ambient air for hours, and inhaled by a person, the (COVID-19) virus enters directly into the human respiratory tract.

Here, HAKA AirClean UV can help! It eliminates automatically these contagious aerosol of the air! The HAKA AirClean UV is a compact device that combines the company’s expertise - (re)circulating air with germicidal UVC light.

Germicidal UVC light has so far only been used to disinfect unoccupied spaces (hospitals, clinics, laboratories, medical devices,… and even drinking water) as it can cause health hazard to skin and eyes. It’s efficiency in killing viruses, bacteria and fungi (up to 99,9 %) is scientifically proven.

In order to be able to use the germicidal UVC light in occupied rooms HAKA built the HAKA AirClean UV as a compact device that integrates recirculating air with an inside UVC light. By using recirculating air, the ambient air can pass several times through the HAKA AirClean UV where contagious aerosols will be inactivated gradually  by the UVC light. As a result we’ll get an almost germfree room air (up to 99,9  % decontamination).

The HAKA AirClean UV is an effective tool to keep public indoor locations almost germfree and therefore limit airborne transmission!


The HAKA AirClean UV is available in two different sizes:

HAKA AirClean UV 500 for indoor spaces up to 180 m³

HAKA AirClean UV 1000 for indoor spaces up to 350 m³

The technology: How UV light efficiently kills bacteria and viruses